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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another post

Whisky is certainly keeping me busy ......... in the best possible way.

He continues to grow, and is really settling in to the life here, away from the open fields of Wales that he grew up in.

We did make a brief visit back there recently, when my friends dogs had succumbed to some poison. It was touch and go for one of them; but thankfully to the skill and dedication of the vets, all three dogs made a full recovery.

While I was there, I managed a couple of pictures.


Juvenile Blackbird

He had a damaged foot, and I think he had fallen from the nest too early.
Despite the best efforts of the adult male feeding him, and us putting him in a safe area, he sadly died a few days later.

The moth traps had a couple of outings while I was there, although the weather was more like winter, than the summer I left behind. Nothing special to show, but when I got home, a few interesting moths were revealed when I put a trap out.

Large Yellow Underwing

Elephant Hawk-moth

He appeared after I had watered one of my pots of plants.

Dot Moth

Dusky Sallow

Honeysuckle Moth

I've had a few visits to my local lake recently, (once the car had been fixed; fuel injectors. Bloody expensive these cars!), and a couple of the highlights have been ..................

A Tufted Duck, and her seven ducklings.

Juvenile Long Tailed Tit.

And some butterfly pictures from the garden

Holly Blue

 Feeding on some of the rubbish scooped from the pond. Yuck!!

Large White


That's it for now, from me and the boy

Enjoy the rest of the day


  1. A good selection as always. Whisky looks exhausted, it must be all the typing and picture editing.

  2. Top picture. Look dad forget about those feathered birdies dogs can fly too
    Bottom picture. Don't even think about it buddy, this seats taken
    Great moths too....

  3. These photo are great Keith, so sharp.........the young dog looks a joy to own.


  4. Hi Keith...he is such a sweet boy! He looks so relaxed and peaceful. I enjoyed your moths shots very much and so sorry bout the little blackbird....you tired to help and thats all you could do..Im having car issues myself right now and its quite annoying!

  5. The photo of the Gatekeeper butterfly is quite beautiful, but Whisky is the star of this post. Glad your friend's dogs survived. That must have been frightening.

  6. awesome shots, love your little boy, he sure captures your heart, phyllis

  7. It's hard work being a puppy Adrian. We both get tired quickly now and need an afternoon nap.

    Thanks Debs. He's certainly taking over :-)
    I'm getting a real fascination for moths.

    Thanks Peter. He keeps me busy, and fit, with all the walks. Don't seem to have time for much else at the moment.

    Thank you Sondra. Cars are great when they're going. It's not until they break down, that we notice just how much we take them for granted. Good luck with yours.

    Wilma, thanks. A very scary couple of days while my friends dogs were at the vet; especially as one of them wasn't expected to make it.
    I was looking at some older pictures of Whisky the other day, and he's growing and changing, so fast.

    Thank you Phyllis. He's a big part of my life now. :-)

  8. The moths are brilliant Keith sadly I have to put my hands up and say I've never seen them in the wild myself.
    Whisky certainly is growing quickly and like all dogs has claimed his spot on the sofa lol. I love the running shot great image showing off the dog in it's best way. Sad and worrying about the poison incident, do you know what the poison was?
    The Blackbird looks so grumpy.

  9. Thanks Doug. Yea, Whisky has soon claimed his areas. :-)
    The poisoning was from one of my friends chickens that had been put down by the vet in February, after a stray dog had mauled it. We had wrapped and buried it in one of her fields outside the gate. We thought we had buried it deep enough, but one of the dogs found it, and soon all three were enjoying the rancid mess that was left. It was the stuff they use to euthanise animals that had made them ill. I think in future, all pet corpses will have to be cremated.

  10. Gurr again! I have now written 2 previous comments and they disappeared so i am now going to wait to see if you get them before I try again.

  11. Got this one Margaret.
    A friend of mine uses a laptop, and constantly has problems like that. You can't beat a mouse and keyboard in my opinion.

  12. That first image is a great action shot Keith. He doesn't look quite so sharp in the second one though.{:))

  13. Lovely pictures Keith, looks like your boy has claimed the sofa for himself ;-)

  14. Thanks Roy. I'm glad he gets to sleep soundly at times, even if it is on the sofa; it gives me a chance to do stuff :-)

    He certainly has Linda. It didn't take him long. lol

  15. HI Keith I suddenly remember today that I had not gone back to TRY and leave a comment on this post. Well Whiskey is adorable adn has taken over the house, me thinks and you are a big softie! I love the imae of the juv. Blackbirds that just seems to be plunked there. Now all your butterfly and Moths images are excellent. Great to see that the Tufted duck had 7 ducklings and I hope she can keep them. Now why is there a roll of kitchen roll behind Whiskey's rug or was that for his comfort or just the photo shot? Hope you weather is better than mine here in N.I. I think someone forgot to let summer some here this year!!!

  16. Thanks Margaret. I'm a bit late replying, been out with Whisky, rather than sitting on the computer.
    The kitchen roll is just part of my untidy house. lol
    Everything has its place, it just seems to land, (and usually stay), where I drop it. :-)