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Monday, 3 August 2015



Time flies when you get old.

Had a few sunny days recently, so I've managed to get out with the camera, and not take pictures of Whisky; well, none for on here.
He's doing well though, and growing so fast I'll need a saddle for him soon.

Common Knapweed


I finally got to see a Brimstone butterfly this year at last

Red Admirals are always good to see

A Green-veined White and a Large White

The next one, I am reliably informed, by people who know more about these things than I do, is an Essex Skipper.

 At this point it would seem logical to put a Small and a Large Skipper for comparison purposes.

So, I'll chuck in a dragon here to break the monotony; a Migrant Hawker

 (Lots of migrants coming your way soon)

Back to the butterflies, and one I do know for certain, a Gatekeeper

Ringlets are easy too; they have 'rings'.

Next one is a 'two for one'. A female Chalkhill Blue sharing a Common Knapweed with a bee
I'm glad I managed to get the bee before our government kill them all off with a banned EU pesticide, which in their infinite wisdom, and against their own scientific advisors, they have allowed the NFU to use in some areas.
Nothing to do with large sums of money exchanging hands though.

Another Chalkhill Blue picture. This time some males, enjoying the delights of crap.

A Silver-washed Fritillary

A Small Copper

That's it. A lot of butterflies, I know, and if you don't like butterfly pictures, well, never mind.

I did say none of Whisky, but I'll sneak this one in. I caught him bird watching in the garden the other day.

Bye. Enjoy your week, whatever you are up to.


  1. I love butterflies and you found a beautiful group to share with us, Great shots all...And MR Whisky is almost not a puppy any more!!

  2. Nice selection of flutters Keith but I'm sure all the species would appreciate a lot more continuous sunshine. I found my first Small Copper of the year today.

  3. Wonderful images Keith.... and it sounds like you are quite chilled.

  4. A feast of butterflies. You have been busy. The brimstone is late I've only ever seen them in late spring.

  5. Great selection of butterflies Keith. Not sure, but personally I'm not seeing as many in my garden this time round, plenty of spiders mind. Whisky is getting curious, let's hope he's good at scaring any nuisance cats

  6. HI Keith You seem to be in great form and I am sure it is Whiskey's doing! At the beginning of this post I was so disappointed to hear we were not going to see Whiskey but I am glad you could not help yourself and finally let us see him. I ysee you have him trained well now, even to watch birds!! Now all your butterfly photographs are really excellenet. Over her in N.I. we had had a dreadful 'summer'. You cannot even call it that. Dull, rain and cold with the occasional blink of sun. Boy it is going to be a long winter if summer does not come to us!!

  7. It won't be long now Keith, carol singing season is just around the corner!
    Nice set of flutters there....looking good in the sunshine. It's not easy sorting those Skippers out, I'm still trying to get a decent picture of an Essex Skipper!
    What will the grownups say about using a spotter dog to find those rarities?... they'll probably accuse you of cheating!...[;o)

  8. Thanks Sondra. We've had some good butterflies locally so far. The little sun we've had recently has made such a difference.
    On our walk this morning, we met another cross bred Border Collie, a couple of weeks younger than Whisky, and the size difference was amazing. I think he's going to be quite big. :-)

    Cheers Frank. Yea, the more sun the better. That was only my second Small Copper of the year. Maybe they've not had such a good year; or they are a bit late this year.
    Gatekeepers however, seem to be everywhere up here.

    Thank you Andrew. I think the older I get, the more cynical I get. lol

    Thanks Adrian. I've only just started seeing Brimstone this year. A bad start for them, they usually fly from spring to late summer, and they are quite long lived.

    Cheers Doug. The butterflies don't seem to be as numerous in my garden either so far, apart from Large and Small White, Holly Blue and Gatekeeper. Dragonflies have been even more scarce at the moment.
    At the moment Whisky seems more content to just watch birds. He seems fascinated by them. I don't mind him chasing after cats and squirrels though.

    Thank you Margaret. Yea, Whisky has a great effect on me. :-)
    Your weather sounds just like how it has been in north Wales this year when I've been there. Wet, windy and cold. More like winter. Hopefully my next visit there will have some sun.

    Trev, where has the year gone? Scary.
    Those Skippers are worse than waders aren't they.
    I can't wait to take Whisky on a local twitch. lol

  9. HI Keith... I can't believe it is August either. It has been so hot,humid, with some awful thunderstorms the past 2 week. Hail,wind, and lots lightening! As my daughter says "Mum"
    be thankful it is not snow" ! She has a point :}

    You got some gorgeous shots here of these butterflies, even on crap :} I loved seeing them, and I love seeing Whisky, such a cutie !!

    Sounds like your enjoying having the cutie around. Enjoy!!

    Big Hugs for you both !!!


  10. A great selection of flutters there Keith.
    Nice to see Whisky is taking after dad and enjoying watching the wildlife.

  11. Thank you Grace. Send some of the hot weather here please, without the thunder storms :-)
    Whisky is great company, and all the walks are keeping me fit ............ and tired lol

    Thanks John. He seems fascinated by birds. He stands watching them for ages.

  12. These are all gorgeous, Keith. The Green-veined White is my favorite...it's as delicate-looking as a snowflake.

  13. Hi Keith,

    It's been a very long time since time I was in bloggerland. How have you been? Whisky is adorable and can imagine how busy you are now :)
    WOW! Loved your shots of all those beautiful butterflies and moths(from your previous post). Great collection!! Have a great weekend.


  14. Thanks Kelly, a good description.

    Shantana, thank you. Hope you're well. I'm not doing so much blogging these days either.

  15. Those Butterflies are delightful, and Whisky is pondering everything. Cheers Keith.

  16. Thanks Bob.
    Whisky is certainly very curious. He's into everything at the moment. :-)