Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 24 September 2015

That's it then.

It seems my last post just isn't showing up on peoples lists, despite re posting it three times.

I guess it's time to call it a day then.

Still here .............. just.

A lot has happened since my last post.

I don't often talk about politics, but we have a new leader in the opposition party. His left wing views have given some of the pro government newspapers a field day(s), as they frantically try and dig some dirt from his past and exaggerate some of his policies. My god, he didn't even join in singing the national anthem recently!
Well, I don't sing it either, but that doesn't make me a traitor.

Strange how the said newspapers have been a bit quieter after the revelation that our current prime minister, was allegedly involved in a bit of oral sex with a dead pigs head in his earlier days, joined a fox hunt after it was banned by law, and even smoked dope.

There's been what seemed like half of Syria fleeing the war and trying to make it to Europe to live, many hundreds dying in their attempt to do so. Along the way a few thousand others from other countries have joined them in their quest for a 'better life'. Some of our media and the people, were very anti immigrant, until a picture of a dead kid, washed up on a beach seemed to turn the tide a bit. It didn't seem to matter about the hundreds that drowned before him, men, women and kids; probably because we didn't see their dead bodies floating in the water. Hypocritical springs to mind.

My step-brother and some members of his church, went to Africa for a short visit, to help some of the poor in a village. Something to do with classrooms or chickens ........... all very good willed and godly no doubt. Apparently these African people have 'nothing'.
I think I'd have been more impressed if they'd helped the 'poor' and those with 'nothing' down there own high street instead of travelling great distances, making a huge footprint in the process. Or maybe that's not high profile enough. Maybe just more hypocrisy.

A fucked up world indeed.

And I've made a smaller footprint, with a couple of visits back to Wales.
I enjoyed some sun, didn't enjoy the rain, and most certainly didn't enjoy slipping and twisting my knee and ankle. Still limping now.
Whisky has grown a lot, I stacked a few logs for winter, and I managed a few pictures.

What eventually turned into a nice day.

Pair of Common Blue, doing what they do.

Pair of Common Darter doing what they do.

Whisky, and his brother Thistle, pausing for a moment, and deep in thought.

Quite pleased this picture featured in a newsletter from  Your Dog magazine.

Harebell, in the sun.

Small Foxglove in the sun

Sanderling, paddling with some Ringed Plover

Juvenile Stonechat.

A mushroom, which I'm sure someone will know the name of.

A Jackdaw that thinks he's a Dalmation.

And I'll end with a short video of Whisky and his pals doing what they do, have a great time.

Whatever you're doing, now or the weekend, have a great time doing it.