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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Still here .............. just.

A lot has happened since my last post.

I don't often talk about politics, but we have a new leader in the opposition party. His left wing views have given some of the pro government newspapers a field day(s), as they frantically try and dig some dirt from his past and exaggerate some of his policies. My god, he didn't even join in singing the national anthem recently!
Well, I don't sing it either, but that doesn't make me a traitor.

Strange how the said newspapers have been a bit quieter after the revelation that our current prime minister, was allegedly involved in a bit of oral sex with a dead pigs head in his earlier days, joined a fox hunt after it was banned by law, and even smoked dope.

There's been what seemed like half of Syria fleeing the war and trying to make it to Europe to live, many hundreds dying in their attempt to do so. Along the way a few thousand others from other countries have joined them in their quest for a 'better life'. Some of our media and the people, were very anti immigrant, until a picture of a dead kid, washed up on a beach seemed to turn the tide a bit. It didn't seem to matter about the hundreds that drowned before him, men, women and kids; probably because we didn't see their dead bodies floating in the water. Hypocritical springs to mind.

My step-brother and some members of his church, went to Africa for a short visit, to help some of the poor in a village. Something to do with classrooms or chickens ........... all very good willed and godly no doubt. Apparently these African people have 'nothing'.
I think I'd have been more impressed if they'd helped the 'poor' and those with 'nothing' down there own high street instead of travelling great distances, making a huge footprint in the process. Or maybe that's not high profile enough. Maybe just more hypocrisy.

A fucked up world indeed.

And I've made a smaller footprint, with a couple of visits back to Wales.
I enjoyed some sun, didn't enjoy the rain, and most certainly didn't enjoy slipping and twisting my knee and ankle. Still limping now.
Whisky has grown a lot, I stacked a few logs for winter, and I managed a few pictures.

What eventually turned into a nice day.

Pair of Common Blue, doing what they do.

Pair of Common Darter doing what they do.

Whisky, and his brother Thistle, pausing for a moment, and deep in thought.

Quite pleased this picture featured in a newsletter from  Your Dog magazine.

Harebell, in the sun.

Small Foxglove in the sun

Sanderling, paddling with some Ringed Plover

Juvenile Stonechat.

A mushroom, which I'm sure someone will know the name of.

A Jackdaw that thinks he's a Dalmation.

And I'll end with a short video of Whisky and his pals doing what they do, have a great time.

Whatever you're doing, now or the weekend, have a great time doing it.


  1. Can't believe how much Whisky has grown in a short period. A grand selection of images too. My favourites is the 'dalmatian' Jackdaw and a personal favourite bird the juvenile Stonechat. Hope you're OK and enjoying Wales. It is strange we're going to let thousands of Syrians flood Europe with no proper checks the vast numbers making any relevant and proper checks impossible especially when ISIS had stated they would send fighters to Europe. Yet at the same time homelessness in this country has increased. The age old saying "charity starts at home" springs to mind

  2. No comment on the news/political/immigration/do-gooders thing...I'd only go into rant mode and I'm having quite a mellow day today, taking it easy in the sunshine!
    Another cracking set of images, I like the Stonechat and the 'spotty' Jackdaw. well done for getting a photo of Whisky and his brother published and a great video of them enjoying a good playtime too.
    Yep, I know what that mushroom is...[;o)

  3. Great photos as always the mushroom is Lawyers Wig.

    Yes we have a true leader of the labour party at long last. Someone I could vote for and I hope he is as altruistic as he purports to be. Some things like leaving the European community I totally agree with but it should be replaced by the old trading network.

    As for Dithery..........I am lost for words...........I have a few. I can honestly say that no amount of peer pressure would ever persuade me to fuck a pig or any other animal. I would have done my best to give his wife one until I found out where she had been.
    Lord Whatsit has also been let off. This is the trouble with right wing parties, they are brung up to be obeyed. I am thrilled to bits that Corbyn has been elected..

  4. Brilliant video. Dogs are great animals. I have the same trouble with Blogger. Everything is now geared to Pads, phones and folk with fast broadband. The post turns up eventually and yours are worth waiting for.

  5. I think the world is OK, just not some of the people who inhabit it. I think your quality of life has a lot to do with the country into which you were born. Thank goodness nature can give us so much. Your photos of birds and flowers are beautiful. Whisky has certainly grown, I love the video of the dogs playing in the pond, it is a delight to see them having so much fun and it is certainly a beautiful location surrounded by all of those wonderful grasses. A great photo of Whisky and Thistle.
    I hope your knee and ankle heal quickly.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. That last shot with ears flying in all directions is superb as is the other one that was in the magazine, well done. NOw I am writing this after writing a comment post on your next post and I do not know what you mean as this post came through OK. Sorry to hear of your injury and I do hope it improves swiftly. It must be a bit restricting for you especially when Whiskey needs walking. Love the Dalmation Jackdaw!! Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. Cracking photos and a cracking dog too.


  8. Thanks Doug. I couldn't agree more with your last comments. I don't know why some countries think they can help some of the nations of the world, especially when they are usually responsible for the problems after interfering in it in the first place.
    Whisky is growing fast, and becoming a great character.

    Cheers Trev. I guessed you'd know the fungus.
    Another mellow day today, by the looks of things. I might manage an outing.

    Thanks Adrian. Corbyn is certainly a change of leader from the norm. Not sure if he'll last though. Running this country puts years on someone, and he's bloody old already. Time will tell.
    Blogger can be a real pain in the arse at times. Frustrating when you spend some time doing a post, only to have it vanish or not show up. I wish some people would realise that the world is bigger than a six inch screen.

    Thank you Dianne. I'm afraid as I get older I lose my faith in the human race. It's time the rest of the animal kingdom took it back from us; they'd make a far better job of the planet.
    Whisky is enjoying life, and loves his visits to Wales. My knee and ankle are slowly improving. I'm told it could take a couple of months though.

    Margaret, thank you. The walks with Whisky are a bit restricting at the moment, but we get better each day.
    The post seemed to take ages to show up on followers lists; very frustrating. I have little patience to wait around these days.
    Enjoy your weekend too.

    Peter, thank you.
    Whisky is a great companion, and very loving. He even has the patience to wait for me when we're out taking pictures.

  9. Keith you shold develop more patience, you do NOT want another jheart attack!!

  10. Hi Keith, I am finding the news at the moment quite depressing, it is nice to read people's blogs on nature and see their pictures because it helps to get one's mind away from the depressing world we live in. I have given up on Twitter and Flickr because I am using unsupported browser, the internet is becoming more complicated and annoying. I am limiting my use of Facebook, the problem with it is when you have people 'friends' who you regret and can't 'unfriend' them, I did with one person and they phoned me wondering why I had 'unfriend' them :-\ You can 'unfriend' people without them knowing but there is always that chance they will find out :-\ So I think blogging is still the best thing, for a start no annoying adverts, it's free and you don't end up reading aload of rubbish (twitter) There are times when it is nice just to look at nice pictures, to see the beauty of nature in a world where there is so much strife as a result of human beings not being able to get on with each other because of greed for money and for power resulting in the world's resources being plundered or have extremist ideas which gives them the ok to destroying lives. NATURE MAKES MORE SENSE.

  11. I so enjoyed seeing your photos again.

    Don't know why some people think they have to travel far away to help the needy when there are needy within shouting distance. But there are some situations of such scale, such as the conditions in Syria, that need a more global response.

    Hope your knee and ankle improve. Cheers, Wilma

  12. Margaret, I have less patience the older I get. lol

    Linda, thank you. I find nature a great way to escape the 'modern' world; at the moment. Sadly the 'nature' of the world is fast shrinking with mans greed and clamour for power.
    I find Flickr good for posting pictures and less bothersome than blogger. I put more of my pictures on there these days. I don't do very much on Facebook, apart from a few 'specialist' type groups I follow, which I find useful; similarly with Twitter. It's easy to tailor them to suite ones own needs and just dip in and out when you want to. I think 'dipping in and out' is my best bet for blogger. :-)

    Wilma, thank you. I think some of the 'do gooders' of the world, do things for the wrong reasons. They should step back at times and let the world take its course.
    Knee and ankle slowly improving; things just take longer as I get older lol

  13. There is need on every street...I missed this post completely, its a damned shame people are forced to leave their homes due to one "f-ing" regime?? Why do we "the rest of the world" allow this to happen? At least we have our birds to look at and our landscapes to ponder its the only way to get around it all...ENJOYed the photos so much and look at your pup all grown up nearly!

  14. Thanks Sondra.I certainly agree, the way some of our 'own' people are treated is a disgrace.
    Whisky doesn't have that puppy look anymore; he's growing fast. :-)

  15. Congrats on having a dog photo picked up; it's even more impressive that it is of two dark colored dogs. It's all too easy to have dark animals turn into ink spots!

    We have plenty of hypocrisy happening on this side of the pond too.

  16. Thanks JoLynne. I was very happy with the picture. Hopefully get back there soon and see Whisky's brother.

    Political hypocrisy must be the world over unfortunately. Maybe the people would make better leaders.