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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 23 October 2015


Time flies, even when the fun isn't at its greatest.

I've not been out much, with or without the camera, but I do have a few pictures I thought might be worth sharing on here.

 The boy. Whisky is growing fast, and really developing his own character.

One of the Nasturtiums growing in my garden. A great plant in my opinion. The 'white' butterflies are attracted to it to lay the eggs of the next generation, the caterpillars eat the leaves, and when they've had their fill, the plant bounces back and produces blooms that the other pollinators are attracted to. Should be grown in every garden.

Mandarin Ducks

I've managed to catch a good variety of moths in the traps while I've been in Wales.

Angle Shades

Red-green Carpet

Mottled Umber

September Thorn

Yes, I like moths.

Back to a couple of birds.

Carrion Crow

Grey Heron. Taken whilst walking round the RSPB reserve at Conwy, and he posed in an almost perfect position, with the castle as a backdrop.

And I'll finish with a sunrise, from a few days ago.

Even Whisky enjoyed it.

chin chin 


  1. Excellent. The Mandarins make a very special image.

  2. Hi Keith I do hope you are out and about walking Whiskey. He is growing into a very handsome dog and must be a wonnderful companion for you. I totally agre with you about the Nasturthiums, I always grow some. Love the different colouration of them as well. This are very handsone Moths butI prefer the birds myself. A lovely cakdop for the photo of the Heron and a wonderful sunrise that you adn Wiskey saw. Thank for sharing and have a good weekend.

  3. The boy is turning in to a lovely dog Keith. The heron shot is spot on and that last scene is just brilliant.

  4. Hi Keith, a joy to be going through your post.Whisky is adorable! ! I too love moths and you got some lovely shots of some I have never seen . Thanks for sharing.I just love that beautiful sunrise! Have a great weekend!


  5. Great selection Keith. Those moths are all stunners, the R-G Carpet is a beauty.
    Lovely shot of Whisky, I'm sure he's going to turn out to be the more intelligent half of the duo?...lol!
    Did the day live up to the sunrise?...[;o)

  6. Great photos, Whisky is sure growing up, I love nasturtiums, lovely birds and moths and that sunset is spectacular, so glad you posted these photographs.
    Happy weekend!
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Hi Keith good to see a post from you and Little Whiskey is no longer little!! Love the moths..&..those Mandarins are fab!!

  8. I am becoming exceptionally bad at reading others blogs and writing on my own blog - do you facebook?

  9. I'm always amazed at the variety in colours on moths I'd always rather ignorantly thought them to be brown and boring. Great images.
    Glad to see Whisky growing so well too. I gave to say I think the heron in front of the castle is a really good image and in a perfect position.

  10. What a superb dog whisky turning out to be...i would be chuffed to have him by my side. That red-green carpet moth........it does look like a bit of carpet, fantastic


  11. Those Mandarin Ducks would make a lovely subject for a painting.

  12. Lovely pictures Keith, especially of Whisky :-) I like Nasturtiums, they are easy to grow from seed and you can eat the flowers, add them to your salad, you have to knock out any creatures inside first :-)

  13. Wonderful Photos Of Whisky, the moths, and well, everything! Computer issues on my b end so am accessing blogs using my phone. Not the best, but better than nothing. Cheers.

  14. Thanks Adrian, they're lovely exotic looking ducks.

    Thanks Margaret. Yea, Whisky gets plenty of walks; I should be super fit by now.
    He prefers it when we are in Wales though, so much freedom to run around.

    Thanks Roy. Whisky is becoming a real star. Very patient while waiting for me when I stop to take a few pictures. The sunrise was really good that morning. Difficult to really capture its colours properly though.

    Shantana, thank you. Moths are quickly becoming my favourite at the moment.

    Cheers Trevor. The day turned out to be pretty good. Rare blue skies most of time.
    Whisky does seem to have more intelligence than me at times, and equal amounts of clumsiness too.

    Dianne, thank you, glad you enjoyed them.
    Enjoy your weekend too.

    Thanks Sondra. Amazing how quickly our four legged friends grow isn't it. He's the biggest of the bunch now, and still growing.

    Dale, thanks for stopping by. I've been neglecting blogs too for various reasons.
    I seem to spend more time on Twitter these days. I find it easier to dip in and out of. I'm on Facebook too, with just a few people I follow, (I don't even follow my family lol), but don't do very much on there. For me, some of the 'groups' I belong to make it worth while though; especially the moth groups.

    Doug, I'm finding moths very addictive. I too used to think they were just boring little brown things that flew annoyingly around your light fittings at night, when the door was left open. Not true. Some are stunning.
    The Heron was one of those lucky shots, that turned out OK.

    Thanks Andrew, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Peter. Yea, Whisky is turning into a great dog.

    John, thanks. If only I could paint :-)

    Thank you Linda. I think Nasturtiums are one of my favourite plants. Like you say, so many uses, and so easy to grow.

    Wilma, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I can imagine the frustration of being without your computer; I'd be lost without mine. Hope the problems are sorted soon.

  15. Whisky is certainly maturing, losing those puppy dog looks.
    The Mandarins made a delightful group shot.
    Nasturtiums are underrated. One of my first plants when I was given a small patch of garden as a nipper.
    There have been some great Sunrises this Autumn.

  16. ...these are gorgeous, Keith. I loved seeing the castle in the background, and the Red-green Carpet moth is spectacular. I've never seen a moth that color. Whisky's eyes are soulful and beautiful. I bet he is a loving dog.

  17. Bit late with replies, in Wales with a slow internet connection .......

    Thanks John, he's growing fast. Bigger than his brothers now; and still growing.

    Thank you Kelly. Some of our moths are more showy than some butterflies.
    Whisky is turning into a great companion. :-)