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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 13 November 2015


Well, here's a mixture for November.

The autumn colours have been pretty good this year.

 The road to the cottage in Wales where I stay.

One of the fields

This is a place called Loggerheads Country Park

A popular place with dog walkers; best to visit early.

A couple of the residents ...........

Dippers. I think they were doing some 'display' bonding. They do breed here.

We had some very misty mornings, 

which lend itself to the usual spiderweb web shots.

Whisky had a whale of a time while we were there ...........

And the birds ................

Excellent as always.


Blue Tit

Coal Tit


and now we're back here .................................... oh well ...............

Have a good one


  1. Hi Keith Your heart is in Wales and some time wonder why you do not live there. It is so beautiul adn those autumn colouors re magnificent. yes we have had a wonderful autumn this year, i really cannot remember a better one. Now I have never sseen2Dippers together so tht was great. it is amazing to see them displaing/ bonding in October and the still shot of the dipper is excellent. Now Whiskey is looking good as well and I am sure she also would love to live in wales with the wide open spaces. Love the misy scens andcobweb with spider. Now I am suprised you saw a Brambling but you got a great shot of it. Of course i love all the bird images. Hope you well and have a wonderful time until we hear from you again.

  2. Thanks Margaret. Yes, if I could afford to buy somewhere in north Wales, I'd go tomorrow.
    Autumn has been fantastic this year; everywhere it seems. I missed the best display at Loggerheads by a week though.
    We were lucky enough to have a pair of Brambling turn up in the garden while I was there, and got loads of pictures. They were still there when I left.

  3. Lovely November selection Keith, It's certainly been a colourful Autumn, made all the better, I guess, when you're already in a wonderful location?

    Good to see the Dippers and the Brambling. Excellent 'web shot' too...[;o)

  4. Autumn has been exceptional this year hasn't it Trev. I didn't manage some of the locations in Wales though due to some iffy weather.
    The Bramblings were a great surprise.

  5. What a stunning sey of pictures you have posted.
    Good selection of birds but the landscapes are a class apart.

  6. Thanks Adrian. All the landscapes were taken with my trusty old bridge camera.

  7. A cracking set of birds you've captured really like the Dipper and Brambling. It looks like a really nice location you're in. The misty mornings seem to only add to the beauty, love the spider web too

  8. Terrific autumn colors and scenes! Does Whisky do better in the car now? He is a fine looking dog.

  9. I agree with Adrian, your eye for a landscape photo is fantastic, in fact i think your photos have got better over the last year.........it has to be Wales or Whisky or both.


  10. Thank you Doug, it certainly is a great place to stay; and so many locations to visit too. The bird life here is excellent.

    Wilma, thank you. Whisky is much better at travelling now, but still scared to get in the car. I have to lift him up and put him in. Once he is in though, he sleeps till we get where we are going. He is an excellent friend and companion.

    Peter thank you. I do feel more at ease taking pictures when I'm in Wales. I feel it brings out the best in me.

  11. Your best friend has grown up he is beautiful! The landscape there is so picturesque and I know its as peaceful as it looks...happy fall!

  12. Hi Keith... Wow those scene shots would make a great picture puzzle. What a challenge that would be!!!
    Your photo's are awesome as usual!! Whisky what a handsome fella, and a great buddy for you!

    Glad all seems well for you !

    Big Hugs


  13. Thank you Sondra, he's a lovely boy, and still growing. :-)

    Thanks Grace. It's a beautiful place to stay, and Whisky loves the freedom he has there.

  14. Lovely images Keith :-) My favourite tree for autumn colour is the beech tree, I have planted a hedge with beech because of its lovely autumn colour. Whisky struck gold with you being taken to some lovely places to explore.

  15. Such wonderful images of the Welsh countryside, I love the Autumn colours and the sound of water in the stream and the birdsong is so lovely, a great place for the Dippers to impress a would-be mate. Beautiful images of the birds in their natural habitat and Whisky is a handsome fellow, he looks very happy and healthy.
    Warm greetings, Keith!
    xoxoxo ♡

  16. Thanks Linda. Yea I agree, the Beech is a lovely tree and shrub. I've a few to plant as a hedge in Wales when I can.
    Whisky is a great friend, and very loving.

    Dianne, thank you. The place where the Dippers were is one of my favourite places to visit when I'm in Wales. There are so many great places to visit though; I should move there.
    Whisky has a lovely temperament; he's perfect. :-)