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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Well I never

The blog is 7 years old today, so I thought I'd better do something.

A bird I constantly struggle to get a half decent picture of, is a Kingfisher.


The year started with this one, a posing female, till she noticed me. I'll keep trying.

We had our first snow of the year a couple of days ago, all gone now though. Whisky found it rather interesting, his first time of seeing it. He wasn't keen on a couple of snowmen we came across though.

A short video clip in the snow

Finally, we had a trip out to Frampton Marsh with Trevor a few days ago. The actual reserve is a no go area for dogs, (a shame, because not all dogs are unruly; most are better behaved than some of the bloody kids I've seen on reserves), but we had an invigorating walk along the sea wall, and then down to Witham End.
From here we managed some distant views of a Slavonian Grebe

Not the best picture, but it was a long way out to sea.

A bit nearer were a couple of Grey Plover.

A few Turnstone were about.

and finally a very dodgy picture of a Bar-tailed Godwit.

That's it. I'm off to blow out the candles on the cake. Have a good one whatever you are doing.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your 7th year blogging. Quite a milestone. Love the Kingfisher shots and the one with the 2 Plovers. it was lovely to seeWhiskey frolicing in the snow Keith.

  2. Well Happy Birthday to your blog. I don't understand why when it's not breeding season dogs aren't allowed on lead on reserves. Lovely Kingfisher image, a bird I see quite often but get very images of.

  3. Thank you Margaret. Whisky really enjoyed the snow.

    Cheers Doug. Yea, a shame about the blanket rule of no dogs on reserves, especially when screaming kids are allowed there.

  4. Whisky is like a child, only better! Congratulations on 7 years - you have certainly posted a lot during that time and I have read and enjoyed every single entry. Cheers!

  5. Thanks Wilma. Yes, Whisky is great boy.
    Glad you've enjoyed your past visits. :-)

  6. He has grown to a super dog Keith you have done a great job with him...Awesome birds on your trip to the marsh!! All would be lifers for me so great I got to see them right here...Cheers to another 7 yrs!

  7. Thanks Sondra, he's really grown to be a fine dog and very good off the lead. He just loves to please.
    Frampton Marsh is one of my favourite reserves here. Always something good to see.

  8. Congratulations on the 7yrs. Keith...it must be a labour of love?

    Looking forward to seeing some cracking Kingfisher shots for year eight!...lol!

    It was a good, if a tad chilly, day out at Frampton...saw some great birds.

    I've got a feeling Whisky might turn out to be better behaved than his owner!!...[;o)

  9. That Kingfisher is fantastic, i can never get close I think that people wait for them to settle on a known spot or maybe its just me.


  10. Dogs always seem to like to frolic in the snow.
    Well done in keeping the posts flowing for seven years.
    Of all the reserves in this area I think only one allows dogs and then only to part of it.

  11. most of my kingfisher shots are of the branch it just flew from :)

  12. Cheers Trev; it's been like a marriage at times.
    Whisky is a good role model for me.

    Thanks Peter. Some of the best Kingfisher shots have been from people that have paid a lot of money to sit in a hide.
    I'd rather do it differently. :-)

    Thank you John. It's a shame that the RSPB has such a low opinion of dogs. I'd favour a dog over a human anytime.

    Dale, that's how most of mine turn out. lol

  13. Happy blog birthday! And congratulations to Whiskey for discovering snow!

  14. Thank you JoLynne. He really enjoyed it :-)

  15. Hi Keith... Always nice to see a post from you and 7 years Wow!! how did that happen? I have been so slake at blogging...don't even know where the time goes.
    Whiskey looks like the snow is pretty interesting. I...well I am interested in when the snow is melting. I guess I need patience at this point.

    Take care my friend

    Big Hugs

  16. Happy blog birthday Keith - lovely photos as always!

  17. Thank you Grace. 7 years, certainly is a long time.
    I must admit I don't enjoy the snow as much as I used to. :-)

    Sharon, thank you. I think my better ones come from your area these days. :-)

  18. Missed this Keith. Congratulations on seven years. The dogs do love snow.
    I have always had trouble in bird hides with dogs, not that they are interested in birds but they do enjoy folks pack-up.

  19. Cheers Adrian. Snow and dogs; a great combination.