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Friday, 18 March 2016

From Wales

We've had a few good days with the weather here for a change, which has meant I've been able to get out with the camera.

A couple of favourite places on the north coast to visit when I'm here are Rhos-on-sea, and Gronant beach.

Rhos-non-sea is usually good for Purple Sandpipers at this time of the year, and the day I visited, I wasn't disappointed.

Best time to visit to look for these beauties is when the tide is in, as they huddle on the rocks.

The tide also brings a few Turnstone up onto the rocks too.

Gronant beach is best visited when the tide is out, in my opinion.

Ringed Plover

I also managed to get fairly close to a few Dunlin on the beach.

Gronant beach is probably most famous for its Little Tern colony, the best time to see these is May onwards.
I like to visit here any time of the year though; always something to see.

South Stack, on Anglesey, is also another favourite, with the seabird colonies, and the Chough.

The birds around the cottage have not been a disappointment either.






Whisky has had a great time too.

Even more so when one of his other brothers came to stay for a couple of days.

 That's Whisky, Obi at the front, and Thistle.

It's all about having fun.

A couple of the ponies at RSPB Conwy having some fun too

Something to crow about

And finally, some sunrises to remember.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Brilliant images of each one, photography seems to get better, great showing Keith.

  2. Thank you Bob. I think Wales agrees with me. I always feel comfortable here.

  3. Bob is right, Keith. Each image is fantastic. I'm glad you closed with Whisky in the sunset. Cheers!

  4. Top Notch. Not a bad image and they are all interesting. The dogs are great and It makes me realise that mine have just about grown up now.

  5. Thanks Wilma. I had to get Whisky in here one way or the other. :-)

    Cheers Adrian. Whisky and his brothers are having a great time here; so much freedom and space to run around in. They soon grow into adults though.

  6. A brilliant group of photos all round Keith. Nice selection of shore birds.

  7. Wonderful images Keith...Loved everyone of them especially Whiskey and the Bros.

  8. John, thank you. There's always plenty to point the camera at here.

    Thanks Sondra. The dogs have been great, and it's so good to see them all get along so well.

  9. These birds are so beautiful, it must be lovely to hear their birdsong. Such a great place to see them, the sun, sand and water.
    Good to see Whisky playing with his brothers and a wonderful sunset.
    Happy weekend dear Keith!
    xoxoxo ♡

  10. whiskey has grown into a beautiful dog. :) love the shorebirds. the chaffinch remains a favorite of your european species.

  11. Thank you Dianne. The birds are getting very vocal during the day now, especially as spring arrives.

    Thanks Theresa. Whisky is a real star and great companion. The Chaffinch is very often overlooked here because it is such a common bird. A shame, because the male is such a beauty, especially when he has his breeding plumage.

  12. Superb set of images Keith. Have you got a new lighting setup?...oh, no!...it must be that strange thing that we don't appear to get around these parts anymore, sunshine, I think it's called?...[;o{

  13. Thanks Trev. That bright orb has been around quite a bit recently.

  14. Yes I agree with Trevor. the lighting in the shots is superb Keith. The shot with Whiskey running towards you, ears back is fabulous as is the last shot with him in it. Love the 2 horses like book ends and that was a lovely selection of waders and small birds. Great to see the Chough and Treecreeper also.continue to have a wonderful time in our belovd Wales. I am still on the I.O.W

  15. Thanks Margaret. There's so much to see here, has to be my favourite place. :-)

    1. HI Keith After reading your reply to the comment below, why don't you do a total Whiskey post sometime. I know we would love that. HAPPY EASTER

    2. A good idea Margaret. I'll sort something out. :-)

    3. Hi Keith I was just looking over some of our older post. You are a beautful photographer. Anyway, I think Whiskey soon must be coming up for 1 year old and I thought why don't you do a post of your favourite shots of him for each month of his life so far. Just a suggestion.

    4. Thanks Margaret, very kind of you to say that.
      Whisky is just over a year old now, and I did sort out a lot of pictures of him from when I got him in May to the end of December last year. I made it all into a slide show; quite long, but I could do a shorter version for a blog. I also did some video too from when I got him to the end of the year. Fascinating to see how he's grown and changed.

  16. Lovely images Keith, I like the ones of the Dunlins and I also love the one of Whisky running towards you and the last picture of the sunrise with Whisky.

  17. Thanks Linda. I've got so many of Whisky, I never know which ones to share.

  18. A fantastic set of photos Keith, i am a bit late to read your post as i have been to Cornwall, didnt see any Choughs there.


  19. Thanks Peter. Hope you had a great time in Cornwall.

  20. Beautiful photos, Keith! Happy Easter, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  21. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment Linda.
    Best wishes to you too.