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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

March winds and April showers

Well, today we've got both here in north Wales.

Strong winds, and set to get stronger, and some pretty heavy rain moving across the country.

We arrived a few days ago, just before the snow came.

Distant snow covered mountains

Had a few days off and on with some light snow showers, but nothing too serious; yet.
Some pretty good sunrises too.

I've managed one trip out in-between the rough weather, to a favourite location, Loggerheads Country Park. Always a good spot for Dippers, which I did manage to find eventually, plus a few Grey Wagtails.

Probably the best sighting so far though, was an early morning walk with the dogs around the fields as it was getting light, and a distant Barn Owl hunting, after an evening of heavy rain.

The first one I've seen in all the time I've been visiting here.

Plenty of the usuals and regulars though.


House Sparrow

Coal Tit

and of course Whisky.

He's been having the time of his life, with the freedom to run in the fields, with his brother, Thistle, and the other residents, Bud and Ellie.

And I'm pleased that he's remembered that the sheep and chickens are not there to be chased.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Great to see the barn owl. I wish I could track things that well.
    Dogs soon learn not to chase domestic animals and birds. I am a hopeless dog trainer but they seem to know the special words I use.

  2. Thanks Adrian.
    Whisky has gained an impressive vocabulary rather quickly too.

  3. HE is so tall now...a beautiful dog now no more puppy. Wow those landscape shots are amazingly beautiful...and A treat to see the hunting owl. Hope the weather improves as the week goes along.

  4. Thank you Sondra. He's grown so quickly, but still has his 'puppy' ways. A lovely boy.
    I'm hoping the weather is better tomorrow, I'm itching to get out to the coast. :-)

  5. Cracking shots of the sugar frosted mountains and the fire in the sky.
    Nice selection of garden visitors too, just need that Barn Owl to put in some more appearances now?
    You never told me that Whisky had taken up smoking, tell him it'll stunt his growth!...[;o)

  6. Boy Wiskey has really grown up into a very attractive dog adn good that he is not chasing the birds. The sunrises are superb. Love the shots of the small birds and you had quite a difficult to capture the Barn Owl on video. Hope you do not get snowed in like you did one year.

  7. Congratulate Whiskey on his good behavior for me! Those shots are all stunning. What a beautiful place.

  8. Some seriously good photos here plus spectacular sunrises:)

  9. Cheers Trev. I've been searching for the Barn Owl since the first sighting, but to no avail. Love to get some pictures.
    The scenery here is just superb.

    Thank you Margaret. About the only bird Whisky chases is Crows for some reason. He's really good with all the rest.
    We've got plenty of food in if we do get snowed in. :-)

    JoLyne, thank you. He's a great dog, and loves it here; so do I :-)

    Sweffling, thank you. The sunrises are always good here.

  10. Fantastic landscape shots and has whisky got a small cigar in his mouth ?


  11. Thanks Peter. Whisky loves to have a stick, or something in his mouth, most of the time. This is an old sheep bone. As long as he's happy, so am I. :-)

  12. Delightful images, Keith.

  13. The Barn Owl was having to work hard to find a meal.

  14. I really enjoy your photos Keith. The one with Whisky and the mountains in the background is truly a great image if it were mine I'd have it hanging on the wall in my hallway

  15. A superb set of scenic shots Keith and the one of Whisky with the sun is just great.

  16. Thanks Wilma. So much to point the camera at here.

    John, the weather has been pretty rough and wet most nights. I hope they manage to get through it all.

    Thank you Doug. I like that shot too. I might get a canvas print done when I get back.

    Thanks Roy. It might make next years calendar. :-)

  17. Fabulous scenic images of snow covered landscapes and sunsets,especially the first photo and Whisky looks like he is enjoying the snow. Beautiful birds also dear Keith, such a lovely wild place.
    xoxoxo ♡

  18. Thank you Dianne. It really is a great place, I always enjoy my visits here.