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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Still here

It will soon be April, and the eagerly awaited new arrivals will soon be dropping onto our shores.
A few have made a start already; I saw my first Sand Martin of the year on 23rd March at Ynys-hir, and a couple of Ospreys have been sighted here in Wales in the last few days.

For now though, here's a selection of some of the birds that are here now.

A pair of Siskins doing a 'food pass'


Coal Tit


A bashful looking Greenfinch


Little Grebe

and finally a relaxed Whisky, enjoying a bit of sun in-between the showers.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. HI Keith HAPPY EASTER and I am glad you were able to spend it in your beloved Wales. This is a beautiful selection of birds you photographed in Wales. I am so glad you let us see Whiskey relaxing. He is gorgeous and a wonderful companion for you.

  2. Great photos of the pair of Siskins. Whisky is looking very mature now.

  3. Thanks Margaret. I can't imagine being without Whisky now. He's like a shadow. :-)

    Thank you John. Yea, Whisky has really grown up now.

  4. Ohh puppy!:) Cute. Nice birds in your collection today. I especially love the Redshank!

  5. Thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed them.

  6. That Yellowhammer is a cracker..i think i would miss most of the birds with Whisky about, i would be constantly playing with him.


  7. Thanks Peter, that's one of my favourites too.
    Whisky is really good when I'm taking pictures, especially here, he has 2 other dogs to play with and his brother.

  8. Beautiful birds, but, my favourite, not a bird, but, it is Whisky, just excellent.

  9. Hi Keith... Those first couple of shots are so sweet!! All nice shots though especially, love Whiskey's. He is a real beauty.


  10. I love to guess the species then scroll down to see if I'm right! I missed the Green Finch..and the Little Grebe I don't think I've seen it before in pictures of course! Awww Whiskey is such a beauty!

  11. Thanks Bob, he's a lovely boy.

    Thank you Grace, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Sondra. Whisky's a real star.

  12. The picture of the Yellowhammer is a nice picture with the moss and rocks. As usual, always, Whisky, makes a lovely picture:-)

  13. Thanks Linda. We've got quite a few Yellowhammers here, and they look stunning in the sunlight.