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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Seven days of April

In between the showers, hail and snow, there has been some sunshine.

And some lovely sunrises.

A quick visit to the Dyfi Osprey Project, to see one of the first Ospreys to turn up.

The most recent news from there is that the two regulars, Glesni and Monty, have now taken their places on the nest.

Just a few of the Guillemots at South Stack.

Plenty of Razorbills too.

A Sparrowhawk gave me a nice fly over while I was there.

Amongst the other birds there, was a large flock of Linnets.

A couple of miles round the coast is a place called Breakwater Country Park. It's a lovely walk along the cliff tops to Holyhead, and always something to see.

My first Willow Warbler of the year, and in the same place that I saw one this time last year.

Pied Wagtail

After a few hours exploring, it was time to start thinking about heading back; but I had to stop off at McDonalds, in Holyhead.
Not for a burger, but to see a bird I've not seen for a good few years.

 Hooded Crow.

Apparently, he's been here foraging in the bins at McDonalds for a few weeks now.

Glad I stopped off to see him.

While we've been here, another of Whisky's brothers has visited for a few days, so I'll finish with a picture of them.

 Obi, Thistle and Whisky.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Not a bad haul for seven days Keith. Cracking shot of the Willow Warbler and the hooded Crow looks like it's doing well on a fast food diet?
    What were you doing to make all those Guillemots turn their back on you?...lol...[;o)

  2. Great photos as always Keith, especially the Sparrowhawk flight shot.

  3. That first shot is superb Keith.
    You are certainly seeing and taking some great shots of everything on your current visit to N/Wales.

  4. How wonderful to have seen the Willow Warbler and that is a marvellous shot of the Linnet Keith as is the Sparrowhawk. Good to know the Ospreys are back on the nest and it is lovely for Whikey to have company again.

  5. WOW...such awesome looks at your birds, glad you got to see the Hooded Crow, and for sharing it with US! The dogs look wonderful--Really love the shot up top of Whiskey and the sunrise!

  6. Wonderful to see some of what you and Whisky have been up to.

  7. Thanks Trev. The new arrivals are starting to come in now; Willow Warblers seem to be everywhere now. Those Guillemots are strange, I was talking to someone yesterday who said they'd all gone the day before. I think the storms pushed them out to see, but they'll return.

    John, thank you. I only had a few moments to get the Sparrowhawk, so I was pleased with the results.

    Thank you Roy. Some of the sunrises have been pretty good and there's so much to see here.

    Thanks Margaret. Whisky loves the freedom he has here, especially playing with his brothers.

    Sondra, thank you. It will be a shame to have to go back home soon. I know Whisky will miss it.

    Thanks Wilma. I've got so many pictures that didn't make it here .......... I'll have to do a 'roundup' post soon. :-)

  8. Good to see the birds are cooperating and great to see the dogs together.

  9. Thanks Adrian. The birds seem more co-operative here that at home.
    It's good to see the dogs getting on so well together.