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Friday, 1 July 2016

Wild Flowers

It's been pretty wild here in the UK this last week.

A referendum to vote on whether we stay in Europe or leave.

The leave side and the stay side both acted abysmally. Lies, exaggerations and personal attacks. Don't you just a love a democracy?
Some of the losers attacked the old racist buggers for fucking it up for the younger generation and voting to leave Europe.
The prime minister has said he'll resign soon and the opposition are in complete turmoil, urging their leader to resign.

If this was a film, it would win an Oscar for the best fiction film of our time.

A week is a long time in politics they say; here's a few pictures from the last few weeks I've been out.

Ox-eye daisy

Sheep's Bit

Hedge Woundwort

Marsh Woundwort

Wild Carrot

Creeping Cinquefoil

 Fox and Cubs

Wall Speedwell

Wood Avens


Scented Mayweed

and the last one is a bit sad. It's on the list of 'near threatened'. I'd been watching its progress at my local lake and today it had disappeared. A casualty to the 'let's make the place look tidy' brigade. The Landscapers, that don't know their arses from their elbows. It had been mown by order of the local Parks Trust. Wankers!

Maybe it will come back next year?

Common Cudweed

Not so common now.




  1. What a grand selection. It is a pity that the Parks folk don't leave the wild flowers to seed. I suspect they regard them all as weeds.

  2. Nice selection for the 'bouquet' Keith.
    It's a shame the tidy brigade had to pay a visit though!...[;o{

  3. A great selection. I just love the names given to wild flowers.
    Our local authority is saving money by cutting back on mowing verges which should help with wildlife of all sorts.

  4. That daisy shot is a beauty!

  5. I guess we shall see if leaving the EU was a good idea or not sure tossed the Stock Market a curve ball here as the funds all dropped, I don't understand why anyone would invest in a market designed only for the ultra rich to make money in, the poor working slob is the one who pays the price. Your wildflowers are excellent. It's nice to be able to walk around and enjoy what IS really at stake in these political storms our Natural World.

  6. Thanks Adriaan. I've been discovering some real gems locally, the last few days. I find it a real shame that a lot of councils feel the need to 'manicure' everywhere so much.

    Cheers Trevor. It was inevitable the wrecking crew would turn up sooner or later.

    John that's a great idea. I wish more councils would do the same.

    Thanks Wilma. A field of those look spectacular in sunlight.

    Sondra stock markets are inhabited by strange beings. The meerest hint of a change usually sets them into turmoil for a few days; and then they slowly get back to how they were. Elected politicians, Prime Ministers and presidents don't run countries, it's the little twats controlling world finances. It's wrong.
    Nature has a way of fighting back, despite 'our' best efforts as a race to destroy it, and it will win in the end.

  7. Hello
    very delicate images with great sharpness and excellent exemption
    greetings Frank

  8. Lovely images of flowers Keith.
    Referendum, was there one.?

  9. Frank, thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    Roy, it appears half the population that bothered to vote are not happy with the result. Such a shame.

  10. Great pictures. I just don't get why everything has to be mown and chopped and hacked at. The councils wouldn't like our wild garden one bit :)

  11. Thanks Findlay. I don't think councils see 'wild flowers'; all they see is weeds unfortunately. Most have a mania for everything to be 'neat and tidy'. I'm sure health and safety comes into most of the hedge cutting and verge mowing too.