Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 26 August 2016

August draws to a close

A whitearse bee gathering pollen from a Teasel.

Wild flowers/plants have grabbed my attention recently, so here's a few.
If you're bored with plants, skip these ..................

Lesser Water Parsnip

Purple Loosestrife

Common Ragwort

Not the demon people are led to believe. See my other blog for some facts.

Canadian Fleabane

Common Fleabane

Here's a monster ................

Water Dock

Red Bartsia

And a butterfly,

Green-veined White on Common Ragwort


Brown Hawker Dragonfly

A bird


A field of cows caught my eye one morning.

Usually the calves are taken away from dairy cows at a very early age, (their mothers), which is obviously very distressing for both animals. The reason is so some of us can have the mothers milk in our tea.

We are the only animal species that drink the mothers milk of another animal.

The calves are then slaughtered for meat.
Sad, but true.
These cows, however, were given a slight reprieve, and allowed to bond; if only for a short time.

I watched them as they made a futile attempt at bonding; licking each other, and being close.

 Enjoy your tea.

I'll end with a shot of my boy.

Always my companion.



  1. Well done getting the Brown Hawker Keith. They are never still normally.

  2. Whisky is a beautiful, happy-looking boy! Great photos and observations.

  3. You're doing well with the wild flowers Keith, there's a couple there that I've never heard of, let alone seen!

    When I were a wee lad I was told it was good and healthy to drink me daily pinta...!

    I've got another theory about what the cows are doing...it looks like it was a sunny warm day when you took the photo, I think they were being more resourceful and taking the opportunity to lick the much needed salt (sweat) from each other...it saves walking to the salt lick!!

    Whisky looks happy and healthy?...[;O)

  4. Whisky is growing up fast, i bet he's full of energy.


  5. Thanks Roy. Yea, tricky buggers aren't they. Had to shoot through the reedbed to get that one.

    Wilma, thanks. He's a great friend and goes almost everywhere with me. At the moment, now he's got me up, he's gone back to bed. My bed. :-)

    Cheers Trev. The 1/3 pint in schools for healthy kids. One of the biggest cons and lies from the dairy industry.
    Interesting point about the licking cows.

    Thanks Peter, he certainly is energetic. Has quite a few long walks in a day. I should be super fit!

  6. I just love 'Your boy' Keith. Your close up photography is wonderful and I do love watching cows. Thanks for your comment and kindness you left reagrding 'my finger'. Still sore but being brave!! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Thank you Margaret, hope your finger improves daily.
    Whisky says get well soon.