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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Absent friends, and playground tantrums

Had a few absent friends this year.

The most recent has been Adrian.

Absent for a few weeks now.

Some fellow bloggers have e-mailed him and had no response or reply.

A few days ago I rang him on his mobile, which went straight to voicemail.
I left a message, but had nothing back so far.

Maybe he's taking a break from blogging.

Maybe he's eloped with a nubile young female camper.

Either way, I hope he's OK.

Here's one of Whisky to get started.

It's all about fun

We've had some good long local walks recently. A few from our travels.

Grey Squirrel gathering his winter store.

These are one of Whisky's favourite playmates and he never passes a chance to chase one.

A pair of Common Darter, doing what comes naturally

 Large White

Painted Lady

Only seen a few of these this year.

Green Woodpecker, clinging to the side of some office buildings.

and finally, Whisky managed to catch one of those pesky Pokemon buggers.


(bless you)

Oh, and the playground tantrums?

Try Twitter and FaceBook.

Social media, my arse. Seems you can't comment at times without some folk throwing a hissy fit.

C'est la vie



  1. Whisky has such a guilty look carrying Pikachu. Beautiful nature shots. I do a little Facebook, but generally try to avoid (un)social media. Too much hate and spite. I've got better things to do - like read my friends' blogs. Cheers.

  2. Thanks Wilma. Whisky seems to have a guilty look most of the time. I think he thought he'd got away with something here. :-)

  3. Yup, best wishes to Adrian..I hope he's okay...whatever he's up to!

    I hope that Squirrel is not casting an omen and getting ready for a bad Winter to come and I guess the 'woody' is rather pleased at the great variety of trees to be found in Milton Keynes?

    Nice to see Whisky enjoying himself...what level of Poke a Man is he on now?

    As for antisocial media?...it's as the old saying goes..It take two to tango...or should that be to wrangle?!...[;o)

  4. HI Keith That is a wonderfulfirst shotof Whiskey. He is such a fun loving happy dog and I know he is your BEST friend. Lovely shots also of the woodpecker and also the butterflies. Yes I have been concerned about Adrian and wrote both to him and Trevor and asked Trevor to contact you to see if you had his phone number so I am very glad you did try. I do not think he suddenly decided to take a blogging break, he would have told us and he definitely would have told us if he had been off with some young thing!! Now if he is ill or worst I wonder what is happneing to his two lovely dogs. Let us know immediately if you hear anything please. All the best to you and Whiskey

  5. I am really hoping Adrian hasn't had an argument with all that heavy machinery and is just busy at the moment.
    Love the squirrel photo.
    That sheepish look with Whisky and the Pokemon is brilliant.
    I gave up Facebook after a short while, too nosey and invasive. I do like to have a little stir on Twitter though.

  6. nice shots Kieth, i too have not had a comment from Adrian, most odd for him.


  7. Your nature shots are lovely as always. I'm impressed that you could find some flowers--here they are all fading into fall.

  8. Cheers Trev. I've seen a few Squirrels foraging like this on my travels. Might be a bad winter coming.
    That old tango cliché isn't suite right now; they do solo tango at the local pilates place.

    Thanks Margaret. I hope Adrian is OK too. Met him around the country a few times in the past, and always been good company. If I hear any other news I'll put it out straight away.

    Thanks John. Facebook and Twitter are a couple of strange animals, but I like the way you can just dip in now and then when you feel like it. I find blogging to be a chore at times now.

    Peter, it is very strange to not hear from Adrian. I've known him a few years now.

    JoLynne, thank you. The weather here has been pretty good recently, so I guess that's helping keep the flowers going. I'll enjoy them while I can, winter will soon be here.

  9. Hi Keith good to see Whiskey enjoying himself with the Pokemon thingy.... Hope Adrian ok maybe on holiday or as you say taking a blog break. Things looking up, got a new job at the post office so waving farewell to Asda, hallelujah. Will miss my friends though they work bloody hard for not a lot of money. Hope you are well ya sound yer feisty self lol. X

  10. Thanks for stopping by Debs. Good luck in the new job

  11. You on face book bud, ive just joined up. Put it off for ages but many dive buddies on there now so it's nice to see where they are going and to keeping up to date with trips. If so would like to be friends lol.

  12. Debs, just do a search for Holding Moments.

  13. Hi Keith, I hope your friend is OK. Sorry I haven't visited lately, my son has been seriously ill in hospital for five months so I have not had much time for bloggjng. Great photos of Whisky enjoying himself and playing. Beautiful flowers and butterflies and a lovely squirrel.
    Happy week, Dianne!
    xoxoxo. ♥️

  14. Thank you Dianne, it's strange that no-one has heard from him.

    I hope you're son is much better now, must have been a stressful time for you. Best wishes.

  15. Hope Adrian reports in soon and all is well. Whisky's coat is in grand shape he is a beauty. Loved all the photos excellent each one!...I get tiffed at Facebook cause I always get attacked for speaking my mind, I thought that was it's purpose?

  16. Thanks Sondra. Late reply, but my computer is playing up. Needs a new graphics card, but found a computer wizard who has done some voodoo till new card arrives, so I can get on the internet.
    Still no sign of Adrian, so I expect the worst.
    Seems you can't speak your mind these days on the net; I'm currently being blocked on a local bird group at the moment for some reason.
    Maybe the truth hurts some sensitive souls. lol