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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Not so social media, health and other stuff

As the last days of March creep by, and April raises its head, I thought I'd do a post.

Meadow Pipit

I've been doing this blog since January 2009; that's a little over 8 years by my reckoning, and it's seen a few changes over that time.
My very first comment was from someone called 'Chris', from the old 'Windows Spaces' days.

(Good days they were, with a great sense of community to it. Sadly, like all good things, it came to an end when 'spaces' was killed off and was resurrected over to Wordpress.
Some people stayed with the new form, some went to Facebook, or My Space, and some came to Blogger.)

The comments on the blog took a while to build, (a few months), and eventually a following of regular readers and commenters.
But over time, it has slowly dwindled. People stop commenting for various reasons, or stop blogging, or move on to other 'social media' things.
Some comments stop because you don't comment on their blogs, or maybe they just don't like what you have to say.
As the old saying goes, 'there's nowt so queer as folk'.

Red Breasted Merganser

I spread my online time a bit these days, to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, a few video uploads to YouTube, and my website.
But in all honesty, I don't think I'm really cut out for this 'social media' stuff. I'm not a very 'social' person. I much prefer the company of animals.

Long Tailed Tit

Flickr has been a good place in the past to showcase some pictures, a bit like blogging has been, and recently some have found their way to Twitter and Facebook.
For some reason Twitter has attracted over 1700 followers, but again attracts just a handful of people who bother to leave comments.

Facebook seems to be a very strange beast. I have a few 'friends' on there, all of which requested to be my friend, and even more in my 'friends request' list.
I never publicly advertised my FB page, my profile picture is just a camera with a red line through it, but a few people did manage to find it, and guess it was me.
I'm not sure if I like Facebook that much though. It has a lot of crap on there amongst the good stuff. Some good 'groups' to join and follow, but some of the posts by people leave a lot to be desired. And it is so easy to have so called friends 'unfriend' you or block you altogether. I've had 2 so far.
One, because of a post I did about the hypocrisy of some people on there, (obviously touched a nerve there), and the second, because her views of a subject, were very different to mine.

Oystercatcher from the local lake

As I get older, I accept the fact that my body will show signs of 'wear and tear'; especially after having such a big heart attack 7 years ago.
Tiredness, not being able to do things that you found easy a few years ago, the odd ache and pain ...................... the trouble with the internet though is you can find the answer to almost anything if you search. And that's the problem. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing; or a great worry, if you let it.
Without going into too much detail, various symptoms of things I've had/got, will tell me I'm suffering from high blood pressure, low blood pressure, dehydration, kidney problems or even cancer.
In most things it's a case of 'go see your doctor'.
Easier said than done here. Easier to win the lottery than it is to get a quick appointment. Needless to say I've not visited a doctor for some time.

I recently had a letter though, to go for a renal blood test at the doctors. This was done by a nurse there, and when I asked what it was for, I was told it was to make sure my heart medication isn't causing problems to my kidneys.
My last renal blood test was 5 years ago and I've been on the same medication, so not a big deal then.

I mentioned I was having a few dizzy spells occasionally, and could she take my blood pressure while I was here.
No, she was running behind, (my appointment time was 4 minutes late),  but I could do my own out in reception on their machine when I leave.
I didn't bother. 
I'm not doing that in a waiting room full of people, and get a tickertape result that means absolutely fuck all to me. I thought that's what we had medical staff for.

Mediterranean Gull 

I recently came back from a few weeks in Wales. Good to get away when you can.


But on return, apart from the usual bills waiting to be paid, my garden fence had succumbed to a recent storm whilst I was away. Four posts snapped at ground level, taking four fence panels with them, and dumping them in the next door garden.
Oh dear.

My neighbour hadn't bothered to move them whilst they had laid there blocking the light to his grass and slowly killing it off, so a couple of days later, after I got back home, I was out there trying to lift them up and put them back in my garden. Not easy, as they were quite heavy.
His back door opened, and he came out.

No offer to help, but instead said, 'could I keep the noise down a bit?'

Some people of a certain race, do seem to carry a big chip on their shoulders.
At the moment repair options are being considered, but in no rush.


My birding has taken a bit of a slide recently. Mainly due to tiredness and apathy.

I still keep a list of what I've seen, but really have no desire to rush out and increase my bird list, even though some new ones for the year have been seen quite locally.
I did mange a couple of new ones whilst walking Whisky round the local lake a couple of days ago though.
My first Sand Martins of the year over the water, and a first for me here at the lake, a Water Pipit, with a group of Pied Wagtails near the waters edge.
Did I rush to put the news out on the local bird group?

Since most of my posts I put on there are censored or banned for whatever reason anyway, I didn't feel the need to share my fortune. And if I find another rarity at the lake, like the Spotted Sandpiper I found a few years ago, that won't make the news either. Fuck 'em.

Last year I invested more time in the search of wild flowers and learning their names.

Escapee cultivated Dog Violets

A long post this, so finally I'll add that my mother continues to deteriorate health wise. Her dementia and general health are in decline. She's losing weight, falling frequently and becoming less like the mum I knew a few years ago. Sad to see.

Enjoy your day


  1. Enjoyed seeing your birds! The Long Tailed Tit sooo cute. I have many of the same issues in my own life. I get put out by social media because I'm too caustic for most! I have had little opportunity this yr so far to go birding, hope to get out there soon! I keep my bird lists mostly private just to not get involved in too much of the hoopla it can create!

  2. Thanks Sondra. I'm glad someone else feels the same way about comments on social media. I'm all for saying what you feel; too many soft souls about these days. The Long Tailed Tits are lovely little birds, but don't keep still for very long for pictures. Constantly moving around.

  3. Wow Keith. Just the sort of rant I feel like writing every so often.
    Locally the NHS seems to have taken a nose dive here also. I have regular blood tests. It used to be that the nurse would also check my blood pressure. Now when I ask for it to be checked I get the answer 'I only do blood tests'. December one of the doctors changed my cholesterol busting drug for 'one which is more effective' (cheaper?) but the side effects were so drastic I stopped using it. Tried to get an appointment to see the same doc but no available slot in the three weeks ahead they were allowed to check. Could she ring me? No. That means staying near the phone all day waiting and anyway I want to see the person I am dealing with. Needles to say I still don't use them and generally feel better than I have for a couple of years.

    I only tried farcebook for a few months but they seem to want to link into your whole online life so chucked it.

    Know how you feel about your mum. I watched mine deteriorate with cancer. So frustrating when there is little we can do to help.

    Our trouble Keith is we have been around so long it is more difficult to find new, interesting things to keep the brain active and revitalise us.

    Oh, nearly forgot - lovely photos as always.

  4. John, I've not seen my local GP for a few years now. I've no faith in them anymore, and I don't even recognise any of their names these days.
    Facebook does seem to want to know a lot about you; like most 'social media' sites, but you only need tell them what you want them to know. Even e-mails are easy to get these days, so an account just for social media sites is easy to set up.

  5. I always read your posts with interest, even if i don't always leave a comment. Lately I am struggling with social media, too. I have a deep dislike for Facebook but found a filter that keeps out a lot of the crap I can't abide. I find the blogger community much more to my liking. BUT - I have not been able to write a new blog entry since Trump was elected because I am so sick to my soul. May be I will be able to get back to it - I hope so. Please do keep writing your blog if you can; it brings me a lot of pleasure to see your lovely photos and to catch up with one of my oldest blog friends. Take care of yourself, too!

  6. Thanks Wilma. I'm not the greatest one for leaving comments on blogs these days myself, certainly not like I used to. As for your comment about Trump, I think times are changing. The world is changing. A lot of people here feel the same way about us voting to leave Europe and can't seem to understand that however slim the result, the majority vote was to leave. We just have to get on with it and make the best we can of what's happening. All the protests and marches on both sides just seem to bring out the worst in people.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  7. Keith, it is a pain going to the quacks. I stopped years ago, when I reached fifty I was enrolled in a fit man scheme. It did me no good but no doubt provided a shilling or two for the doctor.
    I have almost topped blogging. I do think of doing a post from time to time but pictures of historic machinery and long diatribes all about my lack of ability with 3D modelling software are not very entertaining.
    Great pictures as always and despite Brexit as the BBC would say.

  8. Glad to see that you're still 'enjoying' life Keith, at least you're still getting out and about!! Sorry to see that you're mum's not doing so well.
    Some nice images, I like that 'punk' RBM...[;o)

  9. I may not always comment but I like to read your posts Keith and see some of the wonderful images you produce.
    I only use Blogger and Flickr, I avoid all other social media like the plague. Too many people knowing your business is not good.
    You have to do your own thing in this life and not bother what others think.
    Like me, you appear to be living in the wrong town, but I am going to do something about that one day.
    Sorry to read about your mother, sadly it comes to most people nowadays.
    Didn't us e to be like that when I was a boy, people just past away one day and no mention of such illnesses as dementia or any others like they do today.

  10. Thanks Adrian. Good to hear from you. I presume you're still in Scotland?
    I feel the same way about GP's too. The family doctor is a thing of the past, sadly. Brexit and Trump have a lot to answer for, if you believe the 'popular' news.

    Cheers Trevor. It's Whisky that gets me out, out of necessity, or I'd probably be vegetating by now.

    Thank you Roy. I'm probably one of the worst for commenting myself at the moment. A few years ago blogging seemed very different.
    I find the thing with Facebook, etc., they only need to know the personal stuff that you tell them. It can always be made up.
    Interesting what you say about illnesses. I'm sure we have a cancer for everything these days. Always some name or another for something else too.
    We're either getting smarter at diagnosis and like to put things in boxes, or the conspiracy theorists really are onto something.