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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 1 May 2017

Last ones from April

A new month, so time to get a bit up to date. These are a few from April:

My usual companion on most of my picture forays is Whisky.

Patiently waiting, while I get amongst some nettles, to get a few pictures.



He's equally patient when I'm stalking a bird for a picture.


Grey Plover

Bar-tailed Godwit


Common Sandpiper

Moorhen, feeding a young one.

He's a real star.

I'll end on a little skirmish between a Black-headed Gull, and what I think is a juvenile Herring Gull.

Enjoy your day


  1. You did really well to get that Skylark Keith. Great shots of the Sandpiper as well, A rare event to see one of those.

  2. Thanks Roy. I had Whisky with me on all these, and he's really good when I stop to take pictures. He just hangs back until I carry on.

  3. Beautiful birds, and of Whiskey, lovely.

  4. Your photo of a Knot is in fact a non-breeding plumage Grey Plover- look at the structure + bird's bill.

  5. Bob, thank you.

    Conehead, thanks for your comment, and for the ID correction. Have amended the post. Waders are not my strong point. Appreciated.

  6. Cracking set of images Keith, especially the Barwit.
    It's always good to have a walking companion...you've got a good one there with Whisky...[;o)

  7. Cheers Trev. Yea he's a good lad, and very patient.

  8. Another great assortment of images Keith, and with Whisky with you too.

  9. Thanks Peter. Yea, Whisky my loyal companion comes with me almost everywhere these days.

  10. Super shots Keith! OHHH the cute little moorhen so adorable..and Whisky has grown into an awesome companion for you!! Love the flowers worth the effort of getting down there.

  11. Thanks Sondra. The Moorhen only had the one chick left and the mother kept a very watchful on eye on it. Whisky is my shadow. Goes almost everywhere with me.