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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Update 12

Well, it's been a while since the last update; and a fair bit has happened.
I'll go into some of it in more detail another time but the main thing was, I was finally admitted to hospital for my operation in early August. I was told a very high risk operation, that could have some complications. (Usual doom and gloom stuff.) If I'm honest, I was scared shitless. I didn't honestly think I would come through it all, and I even made plans for some such outcome.

First 'complication' as such came the morning of the operation. My pre-booked NHS transport didn't arrive, because someone there had cancelled it ............... and forgot (?) to tell me. The only reason I can find out so far, is that the hospital wouldn't authorise the payment. Strange, because all the other trips there had not been a problem.
A quick call to a local mini cab and I was on my way, arriving 45 minutes late for my surgery.

Surgery went well, so I'm told, but I developed a couple of complications later, which meant my stay was extended a bit. What would have been a couple of weeks, turned into just over 4 weeks, with another small operation thrown in for good measure.

Eventually I'm home. Bruised, battered, sore and weak.
I kept a diary in there of my thoughts, and what happened each day. I might get round to doing it as a seperate blog, sometime in the future.

A final mention of the staff.
It seems the higher up the chain you go, surgeons, doctors, etc. the less their bedside manner. They come each day to check on you, but the feeling is they want you out ASAP. You're just a piece of meat that they have now finished with. A couple I expressed words and my feelings to, which didn't always go down well, but sometimes you have to speak up.
The nurses I couldn't fault. They often do a tireless and thankless job and yet always have a smile and a good word. Many of them would ask after Whisky too. He's still in Wales and I'm hoping to go and see him and all the rest, just as soon as I'm able to face the drive.

There's more appointments to come in the very near future, and a 6 month bout of chemotherapy to come.

For now, here's the video update.

Enjoy your day